My research helps usher philosophy of science into the big-data age by analyzing the production, dissemination, and use of scientific data. Across these areas of analysis, my work demonstrates the significance of theory to the reliable production of data and the need for scientific researchers to help ensure the responsible use of data. My work not only furthers philosophical understanding of contemporary data analysis practices, but more broadly, it connects the burgeoning philosophical literature on measurement with longstanding questions about the aims of scientific theorizing.

Beyond a focus on data, my work is united by a methodological commitment to engaged philosophy of science. This commitment is most strongly displayed in my research on data use and dissemination, which primarily analyzes the human dimensions of data. My writings on these topics often speak specifically to scientific practitioners who might benefit from philosophy’s insights. Publishing papers of interest to scientists and policy makers naturally results in transdisciplinary collaboration. My projects are often collaborations with others philosophers or practicing scientists. The benefit to approaching the entire lifecycle of data in an engaged way – and the reason why my research is personally satisfying – is that it furthers discussions in philosophy of science while simultaneously contributing to broader interdisciplinary conversations in a way that could have positive social impacts.

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